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Year 11 Day 32 19:52
Greetings all ^_^

I'm putting together my first GNS post for sometime soon. While beginning to write it I previewed it, found some early errors and continued to edit. I found after 'previewing' the post though our faction was charged the 200k for a GNS submission, when I hadn't actually submited - just previewed.

Is this normal? Perhaps a GNS bug that's causing articles to 'submit' when previewed? (I don't read the bugbase - really should). Or is the taking of credits simply a bug?

I'd like to continue writing and editing the GNS before I post it, and hoped the inbuilt preview function would be the best way to review it before I submit. Would hate to submit 20 GNS from everytime I preview the one article and cost the faction millions of monies. Help? D:

Edit: Well after checking it turns out the articles didn't 'submit', however it seems we're still charged a 200k fee for each time the article was 'previewed' as it was written.

Edited By: Erica Ferrari on Year 11 Day 32 21:06
Year 11 Day 32 22:27
Sounds like a bug Erica.

Year 11 Day 32 23:08
Yeah, just my luck I guess. *sighs*

Supposes I better get aquianted with Mr Bugbase if so, ayah.

At least it didn't actually submit. I was mortaly horrified at even the remote possibility that the 'preview' may have submitted a unfinished article several times. xD

(Had quite a melt down on the IRC holonet in fact, it was funneh)

Happy new year to you Maziel Davik, ayah. :)