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Year 11 Day 35 18:49
I haven't seen this anywhere, but if this has already been answered, please post a link to it.

Ok. Here's the problem: alot of times when I go to type in a name of someone like to PM them, instead of the drop down for the names, the whole message window goes white. Is it just my pc or what?

Edited By: Vortex Randor on Year 11 Day 36 20:41
Year 11 Day 35 20:32
What version of IE are you using? I know people using IE7 have had that issue before. You will need to upgrade the version to 8 at least and it should work.

Year 11 Day 35 21:32
Or even better: Firefox!

Year 11 Day 36 15:43
It does it on IE 7 and firefox


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Year 11 Day 36 21:13
Could be a problem with your Java, which I think the autocomplete uses, or a security setting in both browsers.

Year 11 Day 36 21:33
It does it on IE7 only. Please upgrade to IE8 or use an alternate browser (e.g. chrome or firefox).

Year 11 Day 36 21:46
I had a simillar problem when I was useing IE7. On mine my whole screen went a random colour randomlly when typeing things while IE7 was running. It stoped when I upgraded to IE8, I don't trust Firefox.

Year 11 Day 36 22:16
Don't tru- What??? Why would you not trust firefox? You do realise that it actually is more well programed than IE right!?

I know several people who work with HTML, who say IE makes their lives miserable cause it doesn't handle HTML properly or somesuch.

Year 11 Day 36 22:49
I know a professional web programmer, he also says he hates IE. Not only does it make you significantly more likely to get a virus, but it isn't standards compliant with HTML.