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Year 11 Day 36 17:49
Lets say there are three Gozanti Cruisers at the same location and I need to get all of them to another location. As the Gozanti Cruisers are not on the list of ships that can be NPCed (like Fighters or Lambda Shuttles can) what other means could I empoly to get all three from point A to point B?

Year 11 Day 36 18:15
You could fly a fighter there, pick up the first one, fly it to the destination. THen hop in another fighter of the same type and fly to the rest. Rinse and repeat until all the gozantis are moved. THen get a fourth fighter of the same type then fly to the otehrs, NPC control them and fly back.

Or just get a big enough cap with a docking bay and pick them all up at once.

Year 11 Day 36 19:00
So you can't put a droid or NPC pilot into the cockpit and make them NPC controled?

Year 11 Day 36 20:12
Nope don't need that. At the moment you just need 2 or more fighters of the same type and at the same location.

Year 11 Day 36 21:13
Ellias, he means droids/NPCs in the Gozantis, I believe.

And no, Arke, you can't.

Year 11 Day 36 21:38
Thanks for the awnser!

And I'm a SHE, not a He!

Year 11 Day 37 2:02
I can never tell with you preying-mantis-looking folks until I find out if you try to eat me after sex.

But my apologies, I'll try to remember that.

Year 11 Day 37 5:32
Hahaha..... isnt racial diversity in the combine wonderful? Heres my slogan:

"star wars combine. meet interesting races, have sex, and eat them"

Year 11 Day 37 13:48
PG-13 people. Remember,we have children playing.


This message is written on 100% recycled electrons.

Year 11 Day 39 6:10

PG-13 people. Remember,we have children playing.

- Vortex Randor

Yer tell me about it.

It would be useful if you could use a droid or NPC as pilots for ships you can't just make NPC controled.