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Year 11 Day 37 22:43
Under what skill class are Boats and Subs? Are they counted as Barges or Speeders?

Just like to add to this question: What skill does Ground Vehciles count as?

Edited By: Arke Surthan on Year 11 Day 39 20:49
Year 11 Day 38 13:53
Barges I think, but dont quote me on it :)

Year 11 Day 39 6:21
LOl you sure ask a lot of questions Arke...

Year 11 Day 39 20:48
Can you blame me if I'm curious and can't find the awnsers elsewere?

Year 11 Day 39 21:38
You know, curiosity killed the cat (i.e. ask too many questions, and you'll eventually hit a restriced topic and get banded from the forum)

Even old sayings can be helpful :o

Year 11 Day 39 21:56
People don't get banned from this forum for asking questions. Just occasionally ridiculed, or shot down.

Arke has been asking well-thought-out questions that generally don't overlap areas covered in the Rules pages and other locations, and has earned and deserved sensible, thought-out answers. Which, in most cases, she has received. She does not deserve random heckling for asking questions to expand her understanding and resolve issues she is unclear on.

Year 11 Day 39 22:10
1. please notice that I said that banning might happen if a restricted topic is opened, not just asking a lot of questions (which I do have to agree, are very good ones)

2. I wan't trying to heckle Arke, I was just trying to make a joke using a quote i remembered that involved curiosity, but I guess I should try to keep my humor to myself from now on (in my twisted little thing I call a mind)

On a different note: I would think barges, but I have no idea either.

Edited By: Fi Skirata on Year 11 Day 39 22:11