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Year 11 Day 39 3:27
if im in an escape pod, and i crash on a planet, does the owner of the ship(not me) get a message? sort of like" mr.x has entered your escape pod"?

Year 11 Day 39 3:58
(Ignoring the fact that escape pods cannot travel onto a planet)

There are no events if anyone enters any entity. However there is an event when someone is added to the crewlist, which must be done to allow someone access. (yes you can make them pilot/commander and they get access, but again it generates an event) However you can set the ship open to faction or all as well, which means that anyone from your faction or anyone at all can enter freely without you having to specifically add them to the crewlist.

Year 11 Day 39 5:48

(Ignoring the fact that escape pods cannot travel onto a planet) 

Is the rule on escape pods incorrect?

9/ Escape Pods

Escape Pods allow crew members of a ship (or space station) to abandon the ship (or space station) in the event that it comes into harm. Escape Pods can then be piloted towards a planet of the pilots choose. 


Year 11 Day 39 7:00
umm, elias, none of thats true. i got in an escape pod yesterday, and headed to a planet, no problems. i couldnt take off again, but i got there just fine.

Year 11 Day 39 8:04
I"m pretty sure escape pods are 1 use, then they're just junk.

Year 11 Day 39 8:17
Han, I was taking your notion of 'crashing' as though you were ejecting the pod, and it was automatically heading to a planet and 'crashing' into the surface. This has not yet been coded in (or at least wasn't when it was being tested, and there has been no SimNews or tester requests for it at least). So Pods just count as fighters, so yes they can 'land', but not 'crash'. You need to be more specific.

Year 11 Day 39 8:43
ahh, i see. sorry about that.

Year 11 Day 40 0:37
Yes, there is/was a Cockpit event saying that an Escape Pod has been launched - so I was told, ayah.

Year 11 Day 40 2:24
hehe. yes, i can imagine thwat was quite suprising for jyncs? hehe



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