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Year 11 Day 40 3:23
while a charachter is dead, can he post in the forums, as long as he dosent try to sell stuff?

it seems that it will be a big issue for me in the next few hours.

Year 11 Day 40 3:27
You'd be better off just avoiding the RPG Centre just to be on the more safe side. =P

Year 11 Day 40 3:32
great, more fun.

am i allowed on the message center?

Year 11 Day 40 3:33
Yes, you can pretty much post in any out-of-character forums. You just can't participate in anything in-character.



Year 11 Day 40 3:33
Yep. The RPG Centre is the only place with IC threads and the like, hence why I suggest you just avoid it so you're not too tempted to post where you shouldn't. Just in case.

Year 11 Day 40 3:41
okay, thanks guys(and lady)

anyway, back to my death.

Year 11 Day 40 7:58
So you finally plan on sunning yourself?

Year 11 Day 40 8:05
nope. a/e.

Year 11 Day 40 10:51
which faction?

Year 11 Day 40 11:47
Cybot galatica, and santhe corp.

Year 11 Day 40 12:10
Year 11 Day 40 12:10
which one, only one faction can a/e you

unless you mean that you are waiting for one of them to a/e you

Year 11 Day 40 12:11
Take the idle chatter to DM

Year 11 Day 41 10:58
Helena Gladio
Helena Gladio
Seems the answers didn't make Han hesitate to post in the RPG threads:

Year 11 Day 41 11:15
so,hold on a second. you can insult me, my charachter(who is dead, yes), and my friends, but im just supposed to sit back and say,"oh, well"?

Year 11 Day 41 12:08
If it's an IC forum? Yes. You can't defend yourself, on account of being dead.

Year 11 Day 41 14:01
and I didn't hear anything about anyone insulting your friends han