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Year 11 Day 40 13:35
Deleted Post
Deleted by Oni Ra. Reason: answered and i placed 2 post with the same concern and wish to retract one.
Year 11 Day 40 14:18
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
Well since you are already on this forum you are obviously registered okay for SWC therefore I can only presume that you are waiting for a confirmation from your factions forum.

Just be patient as some factions are less active than others and I am sure they will get to you soon enough. In the meantime rent yourself a vehicle from the local rental NPC or pop on an NPC transport to your factions homeworld. Just enjoy your time here as you dont have to be a faction lackey 100% of the time (just 99%).

Year 11 Day 40 14:58
Thank you for the kind response. I have not been able to find off world transit. only a shuttle to take me to a waiting ship.

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