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Archives » Have waited 2 years....(close)
Year 11 Day 40 14:31
I have waited 2 years to get stabilized enough to get a paid e-mail account to play this game. I have only gotten frustrated,,.
Is much want to enjoy this but I am so stuck...
I almost feel like quitting, I will give it one more day.
Help me please....
Oni Ra.

Edited By: Oni Ra on Year 11 Day 43 1:00
Year 11 Day 40 14:35
We haven't required paid e-mails in a loooooooong time, dude.

Explaining how you're stuck is going to help. Not making two topics on the same subject will also help.

You might want to refer to the Guide, and there are a number of video tutorials linked from this thread that might be useful to you. But remember that this is a slow-moving game, and it's likely to take at least a few days to get you picked up if you started at your race's homeworld. If you're waiting to spawn at a faction HQ, things might go a little faster.

Year 11 Day 40 18:26
I would like to thank everyone that has given me advice I have finally figured it out and moving along in a positive direction.


\"Even misfortune can, at times, be fortunate.\"
Oni Ra.