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Year 11 Day 40 17:54
okay, as i sit here watching my" time till respawn" counter tick by, i wondered, why is the rule three weeks to respawn? why not 2? why not 4? im really just curious.

Year 11 Day 40 18:03
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
I saw it in the rules but I can't remember where...

It has to do with discouraging people from creating, killing, restarting in order to get a force sensitive character.

Year 11 Day 40 18:18
As I recall, it was a time-span that was decided upon that wasn't too short so, as Karr said, people wouldn't be respawning over and over for whatever reason (reputation, force testing, etc) but not too long as to be absurdly long.

Year 11 Day 40 18:31
Didn't it used to be like 6 weeks? Be happy it's as short as it is now.

Year 11 Day 40 18:34
oh,im not complaining, just curious as to how that number came about.

Year 11 Day 41 4:28
It was (also) three weeks so people couldn't do a run of scams, sunned/died, do a run of rafflescams, sunned/died, etc. etc.

Year 11 Day 41 6:15
I don't ever remember it being 6 weeks. I answer regarding FS isn't valid anymore as didni't the admin say it was breaking the golden rule by recreating over and over to be FS?

Year 11 Day 41 8:59

It's three weeks to give deceased sentients sufficient time to consider their previous errors.

It's a period for moral meditation that hopefully will encourage the newly spawned character to be a civilized member of the galactic community.

Year 11 Day 41 12:06
The 3 week wait is, primarily, looking ahead to combat. It's so that you can't die, respawn at your faction's HQ, get in a new ship, and dive straight into the fight. There are additional factors, but this is the oldest explanation I've heard.

Death is a penalty, in this game, and the 3 week wait is designed to reflect that, making it undesirable and so that a new character is more of a fresh start.

Why 3, and not 2 or 4? *shrugs* It's a slightly arbitrary number, but presumably 3 is thought to be not too long so people quit, but long enough to fulfill the mentioned requirements.