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Archives » Please don't shot this down!
Year 11 Day 40 19:48
I know I saw some one say that this was a OOC Question forum, but I really have no choice but to ask it here. I am on the death wait you see and as said in a recent post I can't really post in the IC section, so here goes...

What would the price (in credits) for the new CP ships:
Starlight Light Freighter
C-Wing Ugly

I would like to know, and please don't shot this down!

Year 11 Day 40 19:53
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
Arke have you found a mentor? Asking questions is great but you have so many a more personal approach might be better for you. I would be willing to answer any question you may have.

Your mentor can look up these prices on CPM if you don't have access.

Edited By: Sim Karr on Year 11 Day 40 19:53
Year 11 Day 40 20:43
There is no established price for any of those ships, yet. You can check the Centrepoint Database to see what they might have been selling for, but the general rule of thumb right now is "whatever you can get someone to buy for."