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Year 11 Day 41 12:56
Jorn Stones
Jorn Stones
I have heard something disturbing about the Anzati mind control, that when one uses it in IRC on another, that other could be turned into a NPC here in swc. I can't confirm this by reading the rules, neither can my friends, so basically my question:

Is this true?
If yes, is it reversible
How can you resist/fight this mind control?

Thank you for your time.

Year 11 Day 41 12:59
IRC is not database affecting. At all.

Who was telling you that bull?

Edited By: Weylin vi Cron on Year 11 Day 41 13:00
Year 11 Day 41 13:27
Jorn Stones
Jorn Stones
A friend that apperantely experienced the same thing before and had his old character turned into an NPC because this happened as a mod saw how someone mind controlled him in IRC

Year 11 Day 41 13:28
Your friend is lying to you. Or was arrested in Darkness and went NPC 3 weeks later. Either way, he's lying outright about the Anzati thing.

Year 11 Day 41 13:46
Jorn Stones
Jorn Stones
well, fact is I don't think he knows he's lying. He got mind controlled IRC and went all mad about it because of this NPC thing.
Unless there are any other ways to be turned into NPC

Year 11 Day 41 14:02
how do you get mind controlled IRC?

/me uses force mind control on Jorn Stones/

do i controll you now?

/me tries to get Jorn to kick himself/

Year 11 Day 41 14:05
Jorn Stones
Jorn Stones
yea something like that..

aren't you Death? like dead?

Year 11 Day 41 14:10
I hope this is a joke... And I hope you realize what you are saying happened is impossible. (I mean it, it's impossible.)

Year 11 Day 41 14:12
and? the question center is an OOC forum, so im fine.

/me continues to try to get Jorn to dance around,kicking himself/

Year 11 Day 41 14:51
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
It could be true, back in the day Wilhelm Von Ismay got me back to playing the combine. Though he was not Anzati, he did lead NAO... It makes sense to me now! ;)

Year 11 Day 41 14:56
*groans audibly*

Why must you encourage him?

Year 11 Day 41 15:02
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
Perfect opportunity to excuse me rejoining the combine after going away for 2 years, obviously I'm not going to blame myself ;) though this anzati mind control thing in and of itself is mildly amusing.

Year 11 Day 41 15:34
Sounds like something Redbat would do to someone, just saying.

Year 11 Day 42 8:24
Coleman Rendar
Coleman Rendar
No idea where you heard that but IRC is COMPLETELY separate from combine.

It is simply not possible