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Year 11 Day 41 22:00
Alright correct me if I am wrong because I kind of skipped through the page but I hired someone to repaint my ship then found out that you needed CP's to apply them so I was wondering how you get CP's

Year 11 Day 41 22:08
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
On the right hand menu below your XP and current level you will see CP. Click on that and it will take you to the CP page. Click Support the Combine, scroll down a little and on the left you will see 18 links. Open each to receive CPs. On the Top RPG site you have to actually enter the code to get it to count.

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Year 11 Day 41 22:09
One of the easiest free methods is by voting for SWC on game ranking sites, here's how you do it:
  • On the right-side menu, click on the number which shows how many CPs you have (in this case, it should be zero)
  • Below the clock near the top-left of the page, click "Support The Combine"
  • On the left column of the page, there's eighteen mini banners
  • Click them all
  • Repeat after 24 hours
You get 10CPs for every link you click, and I'm pretty sure you get more CPs if you actually vote for SWC instead of just clicking the links and closing out the tabs.

EDIT: If you'd like, I'll pay the CPs for you this time. Just assign me as commander of your ship and send me the URLs to the images.

Edited By: Phillip Bromley on Year 11 Day 41 22:10