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Year 11 Day 42 7:14
I started this yesterday. First this game looked like boring and hard to learn. Then I spend little while here clicking things and now I kind of now what some buttons do. But still I have some questions:
1. What I do next? (now I'm in Coruscant, I have character and I have joined a faction)
2. Are people in factions leadership real people? Does the faction messages come from real people or from computer?
3. How do I flight somewhere else?(I have here a plain, I went to cockpit but I can't flight it)

For start I want answers to those questions.

Year 11 Day 42 7:47
Well may I direct you to my mentor ship forum you'll get a hands on SWC experience as well as a mentor to help you out.

1- Usually you join a faction, don't do it for the money trust me, but rather join something that you feel you would most like.
2- Everyone in a faction is a real person, if you go above, you'll see there's 4,328 active members and you can click under for players that are online to see.
3- Well you need to be the pilot of said ship to be able to fly it, it's like if I had your car, but I didn't have your key or permission to drive it, I couldn't drive the car. Usually if you join a faction, they will send someone to pick you up.

If you have any other questions feel free to message me.

Year 11 Day 42 8:21
Maziel answered it pretty much. However, most likely for 2. you're talking about the message that was sent once you joined the faction correct? That message is automatically sent by the server/faction whenever anyone joins the faction. However, the message is written by a player, usually the leader or someone else who has the privs to do so.

Year 11 Day 42 15:29
And since you're on Coruscant, try and stay away from Imperials, they regularly arrest noobs and dump their bodies somewhere.

Year 11 Day 42 16:44
Kindly keep your BS out of the OOC help forums, Bromley.