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Year 11 Day 42 19:11
I have noticed while poking around the Galaxy Map checking out the currently exporled part of the galaxy one odd little moon.

The Moon of Marharawen likes harmless from the system view but on a closer look of the Picture it looks like the Death Star from Return of the Jedi. Is this just by accident or was this moon made to look that way?

Does the galaxy hold little secrets and surpises like this?


Year 11 Day 42 19:41
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
That's no moon...it's a space station.

Come on, I just had to!

Year 11 Day 42 19:43
Wow, that's interesting!

I think somebody probably "mooned" the death star image as a joke, and it's a hilarious one at that.

Year 11 Day 42 20:13
Actually I think it was the death star back in the day, but it got coverted t othe moon since it was silly having it around. One of the older members will know exactly how it happened.

Year 11 Day 42 20:55
That is the Death Star. Sort of. There are NPC owned facilities on it that certainly point that direction. It was a significant part of the From The Ashes scenario back in the day.

Year 11 Day 42 21:20
1 billion credits will get you on the surface to poke around to your heart's content.

Year 11 Day 42 22:53
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
... just waiting for Repair to come out....


There is no god but Ara... All will walk his path...
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Year 11 Day 42 23:14
It's just one of those funny Combine in-jokes.

If you look on the Planetary Grids rules page, the atmosphere travel images for the Temperate/Toxic planet are Death Star trench images. For the longest time the default planet image was an image of the Death Star as well.

Year 11 Day 43 11:43
Keibak Aruu
Keibak Aruu
Being a Jedi, I do not officially endorse this, but OOC... IT WOULD BE WAY COOL TO ACTIVATE THIS THING!!!!


Year 11 Day 43 11:58
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
If it bothers you that much the planet image can be easily replaced or returned to the stock Moon image.

Year 11 Day 43 12:14
Keibak Aruu
Keibak Aruu
Of course it doesn't bother me. When I meant I cant endorse this, I meant I cant officially endorse getting the deathstar back online to roam about and blow things up. But on an OOC level, it would be awesome!

Otherwise, it doesn't bother me. Its deactivated and covered by ice. Leave it as is.

Year 11 Day 43 12:19
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
I owned a ship on that moo- space sta... object.

Until I donated it, that is. Still nice to have owned a piece of history.

Guess what? If the stories are true (and coming from two particular people, I believe it is), there is still a character (albeit inactive) in there.

Year 11 Day 43 13:47
I was in each of the facilities as Wilhelm in Darkness. There is no Voor. =P

Year 11 Day 43 14:19
Keibak Aruu
Keibak Aruu
Wow. I hope to be able to travel this thing at some point. That would be cool.


Year 11 Day 43 15:31
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
No Voor?


But...he said he was in there... :(

Year 11 Day 43 16:14
Voor was supposedly inside the moon itself, not the facilities there. Whether his DB location supports that is the question.

Year 11 Day 43 17:58
Keibak Aruu
Keibak Aruu
Poor Voor.

Year 11 Day 43 18:24
Yeah, too bad the atmosphere is toxic, so I guess any characters on the surface are dead now.

Year 11 Day 43 18:53
No, it's a moon.

Year 11 Day 43 18:57
I thought it was temperate/toxic atmosphere, but I guess you're right.

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