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Year 11 Day 43 11:20
OK, considering the importance of enforcing the rules in this game and making sure that there are no illegal multis around, it's been surprisingly hard to register as legal multis.

Myself and the person I share an internet connection at work have sent nearly ten e-mails over the past month to multi-accounts@swcombine.com. Some were sent from a Yahoo mail and others from a Google Mail, so we were hoping that at least one would have found a way to the Multi Accounts Department.

I also sent a DM to Avid Soyak a week or two back, even though I wanted to avoid that, knowing how many DMs the Admins must be receiving already.

I don't want to turn this into a complaint, but after a month of attempting to register, the Sim News today kinda comes as a slap in the face. With a cold brick.

So, can we register as legal multis, please?

Year 11 Day 43 15:24
I'm sorry, but Im trying to see where the mark is on your face from the cold brick? Why are you concerned so badly, when you and I have talked about this directly on IRC? You have no worries if you sent the correct correspondence, so relax!

The worst thing that can happen to you know would be that you accidently get hit by a flying kitten, but not to fret, they are warm and fuzzy!


Avid Soyak
Asst Simmaster

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Year 11 Day 43 15:51
OK, so it was a warm brick, probably from all the kitten blood :P

It's just that the perceived lack of response was a headscratcher, and somewhat worrying.

Also, unless you refer to events in the future, we never spoke directly on IRC.

Year 11 Day 93 12:37
Avid, sir?
I have a possible issue regarding multis that I need to address with you.

I have 'wandering wifi syndrome' and its possible that others who log in to swc in the city I live could create an issue...

Also, I'm currently going to our local community college, and have recruited someone to play who sits next to me in the cafeteria...also on wifi...

Mordekai Sanias

is my buddy...he's currently in his 24 hr wait for account registration.

Hopefully this works to clear things up! However, please dm me if there is an issue!
Thank You Sir!


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Year 11 Day 111 16:41

I am having trouble getting permission to create an account. I am a college student who lives on campus, so I share an internet connection with hundreds of other students. I am told there is another account with the same ip address. Is there anyway I can get permission without knowing the other player(s) that are on campus. I found out about this site from someone back home, so I know no one on campus who plays. Help me, if you can.

Year 11 Day 111 18:17
When applying, in the Multi field, just put something like "College" and the multi-accounts director will know to look at your application specifically.

Year 12 Day 146 19:36
so you cant be multi accounts


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Year 12 Day 146 19:38
What? Why did you revive a month-old topic with a nonsensical statement?

Year 12 Day 146 20:46
Year 12 Day 150 15:04
I and my son have a multi account already registered, it is very strongly possible that we will be loosing our IP access and have to start using a public library, how would I go about changing or updating our status or should I even worry about changing this? we would have an unknown number of other players that may use the same library.

Year 12 Day 180 3:40
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Year 12 Day 180 7:57
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