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Year 11 Day 44 13:23
I tried creating an account for the banner exchange. I put the code into my website at www.tphuber.freewebs.com and then I tried logging back in and it says login error. Am I supposed to get some account information sent to the e-mail I provided?

Also, I made a thread in the general questions section of the question center about advertising the Combine at a local rpg gamestore here in Muncie, IN. No one responded to my question yet so I thought maybe the admins here might know better. If I talked to the store owner and asked him about it, is there some kind of banner I could buy? Would I be eligible for a CP reward for that?

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Year 11 Day 46 13:38
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
I just made a Sim News post about the login errors. As for your advertising, I am unaware of a 'banner' or a RL poster you can acquire from the Combine in order to advertise in RL. There was the Combine Store but I don't know how active that is now. You can do some more effort by making your own poster about the Combine, printing it, and hanging it on the store. I believe efforts such as this will grant you CPs, though the action should be coming from the "Let's help advertise SWC!" desire and not from "Let's find ways to earn even more CPs".

Year 11 Day 47 9:04
Yeah, I agree. I want to help SWC. I just thought the little bit of an incentive is always beneficial! I will still do it anyways though. I will try to find some way to make my own advertisement or something and put it on the bulletin board at the Wizard's Keep.

Year 11 Day 47 19:33
SWC has a booth at Dragon*Con, and I'm pretty sure they use a large banner there. Perhaps contact someone on the PR team to see if they have the image file you could take to get printed?

Year 11 Day 47 20:13
I talked to the guy at the game store. I don't think I presented my proposal very well and he didn't seem very interested. I think I could get by with hanging up something small enough to fit on the bulletin board though.

Year 11 Day 71 17:10
So is the banner exchange up and running again?

Year 11 Day 71 18:11
I would guess that there will be a SimNews post when its all fixed and ready to go again.

Year 11 Day 72 6:55
Gunther Innis Tennor
Gunther Innis Tennor
Part of the Banner Exchange is fixed, the login will be fixed soon.


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Year 11 Day 74 6:39
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
Login is now fixed too.