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Archives » My brawler doesnt like being in rooms..?
Well, I bought Unarmed Brawler - NPC from LSC. I can't use it on inside facilities, or anywhere, what have rooms. Because, when I'm in the ship/facility/whatever, "Travel" section doesnt show up the NPCs, so I can't talk to them. I have to go room messages to hail them.

When I try to hail my NPC:

No script available

If this is a custom NPC you need to write a script, you can do this here. If it's not a custom NPC report this to the bug base. 

Simply I can't brawl in rooms. Is it there, what I can't see, or it is a bug?

All NPC scripts are currently disabled, meaning no brawling, shopping, or music from NPCs. Once they are done with their code modifications you will be able to beat him up again.

Thanks for answer! :)

Besides, the travel page is not where you talkto NPCs. You could use the hail function in the room messages you found, but even after scripts are activated I think you may find that it still doesn't work. Its really there for you to send a DM to a player.

The proper way is to go to the scanners page in a room, and then press the talk button next to the NPC, then you will get the speech script (once they are active again).