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Archives » Name doesn't sound like a real name.

I have been using hte name Gelfling Archangel for as long as I can remember...since before the internet was the internet. How come when I come to this site to start i get told my name does not sound like a real name. THis is ridiculous.

If there is someone around that has the authority to explain this decision to me please explain. And if so I can give you an explanation as to where the name is from.

Gelfling Archangel

I'm not anyone of any importance, but your name does not really hit the spot for a name. Its almost Elfling Arch-Angle, so its no real surpise that it was not accept.
In the Combine they try and make it as realistic as possiable (well in a sci-fi manner anyway) so names like Wolfbane Dark and Sayso Zoo probally would not be accepted.

Hope that shed some light on the matter.


Gelfling is from Dark Crystal written by Jim Hansen many years back, so if you want to go towards being sci-fi then that is quite close. Archangel (said Ark-Angel not Arch-Angle)...should not really be anything to different. The word and name has been around since biblical times.

And how is it any more different than anything else I can pull up from a Star Wars name creator database. What about SKYWALKER. I've been a fan of Star Wars since I was old enough to know what it was I was watching when Empire Strikes Back came out in the early 80's, read the books, played the RPGs and video games and have never heard of such an absurd notion that a name is not "good" enough for a star wars game.

Im guessing it's exactly as you said. Gelfling is a main character in a book. We only allow original names on the combine.


I could see dropping the "ing" on Gelfling but be about it.


Dropped the "ing" re-submitted my app. Any ideas how long the second one would take then?

Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
Not even sure Gelf would be accepted as wasn't that a specie in Red Dwarf? Also with Arch Angel being a title the overall effect is a specie title and not a name.

Probably was the Archangel bit of your name - does sound like the angel rank than a name. Or you caught someone who knew that other scifi universe, but that was unlikely.

I'd wait until your new one is dealt with, though I would guess that gets rejected too. If it does, try modifying your last name a little bit.

Also, Gelfling was the name of a race in an old Jim Henson movie, The Dark Crystal. That could have something to do with it, even shortened to Gelf.

You may not include any title or rank in your handle:

Forbidden: "Darth", " Sir"," Dr", "Admiral", "Princess", ...

- Character Creation Rules

Your "Archangle" could be the problem as Ellias said....

Probably was the Archangel bit of your name - does sound like the angel rank than a name.

- Ellias Aubec

If it was Archangel Gelfling (or Archangel Gelf) then certainly, since it would be appropriately positioned as a title. Using it as a surname doesn't imply it's a title (I've never heard "Gabriel Archangel", only "Archangel Gabriel"). There is also a separate rejection reason for using a title/canon name as opposed to the "does not sound like a name" reason. The issue was probably Gelfling, at a guess. But I accepted Gelf Archangel this morning, so this discussion is largely redundant at this point.


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