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Year 11 Day 56 21:46
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
Why does my ETA keep extending itself when I'm travelling?

I had 6 minutes left to travel, after checking an message then re-entering the cockpit it said 11 minutes, this kind of thing happens a lot to me, sometimes have hours added to hyper travel. it doesn't seem to matter the length of my journey, as long as it's over 1 hour long the ETA does it's own thing. Is this normal? Or is it because my ship piloting is only 2?

I thought your travel was calculated when you set the course, not recalculated as you go along.

Year 11 Day 56 21:59
A few minutes difference is because of the way time is calculated in SWC - its done every 3 minutes, and the ETA on the side bar takes this number from the server when you load the page then counts itself down. When you load a new page, it looks again and resets itself.

As for adding hours on, that sounds like a bug. There have been issues before with travel getting frozen for a bit, so ti maybe that you've hit those every so often.

Year 11 Day 56 23:23
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
if it takes it every 3 minutes does that mean 1min within cities takes 3 min?

Year 11 Day 56 23:58
It means the travel would finish at the next time the tick ran. It could be anywhere from 3 minutes to 30 seconds.

Year 11 Day 57 3:24
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
Thank you, it makes sense now.

Year 11 Day 57 20:07
The movement is quite bugged those days, and I experience the same phenomenons as you.
If a travel takes too much time to complete, abort and start again (beware if you are in hyper).



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