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Year 11 Day 61 10:31
Drazon Stareon
Drazon Stareon
I'm trapped in star tours. I've been here for like 5 days now could somone help me out?

Year 11 Day 61 11:15
Send a DM to Avid Soyak.

Year 11 Day 61 12:50
How long is the ETA, some trips take more than 5 days.

Year 11 Day 61 19:51

Check your ETA in the room description. If it says you have 0 minutes left, then it is likely a bug, otherwise your still travelling.

Year 11 Day 63 20:52
Drazon Stareon
Drazon Stareon
i did all these. besides i'm not moving. the doors are just not opening.

Edited By: Drazon Stareon on Year 11 Day 63 20:55
Year 11 Day 64 2:19
Looks like the ship you're on stopped moving in a planet's orbit (and it's action isn't there anymore). Can you tell me to which planet you were travelling?

You can also DM me if you don't want to make your destination public (please provide the link to this thread in the DM then).