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Year 11 Day 64 19:51
Is there a way to tell if you're Force-sensitive before you're tested? Why does it keep saying "You must learn patience" and "The Force is strong with you"?

Year 11 Day 64 20:09
Vaako Cage
Vaako Cage
Not good advice.

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Year 11 Day 64 20:24
Not me, Force sensitves arn't the only ones who can have some fun! Only an idiot would kill themselves repeatedly to use force! All I'd need is a good blaster!
(The E-11 Blaster Rifle)

Year 11 Day 64 21:43
Vaako Cage
Vaako Cage
No No No... Bad posting for trying to help.

Edited By: Avid Soyak on Year 11 Day 65 10:23
Year 11 Day 64 22:25
Umm, you really should not post here if all your going to do is post inflamatory stuff like that.

Anyway Jengo, it always says those things on the page. You can only really get to it when you are not FS by either knowing the url, or having it auto load to that page when you log in - there isn't a link to that page unless you are FS.

So yeah, only getting tested is it.

Year 11 Day 64 23:03
"The Force Is Strong With You" is the default header for the Force page, even if you're not FS. Mostly because you're not supposed to be on that page anyway.

"You must learn patience." is the content that appears on the Force page when it realizes a non-Force Sensitive is trying to access it.

So no, you can't tell that you're FS before you're tested.

Year 11 Day 65 10:25
Jengo, please don't erase your posts, its harder for people to know what you asked then.

Cage, banned form these forums until you understand what helping is.