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Year 11 Day 66 2:10
Say I just killed a wookie and taken a trophy (currently a human ear) can I make a custom image of a wookiee pelt or something like that and put it on my Trophy Item like a normal custom image?

This is probaly a dump question, sorry if it is.

Year 11 Day 66 8:30
I believe so. I seem to remember knowing people who changed it to things like "blood sample of [handle]" before.

Year 11 Day 66 12:08
Confidence Mikel!

Yes you can put a custom image on it. A previously infamous killer used to put images of blood samples on microscope slides for his.

Year 11 Day 66 23:57
Year 11 Day 67 5:01
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
Drexel speaks of Lance Hawke.

I was quartermaster of those items. Good man.

But yes, as long as it is not too "out there" (like the intestines of a Kaminoan or something), you're good to use anything that looks like an alternate proof of death.

Year 11 Day 67 11:32
I think Ellias uses "the severed tail of a Hutt" for appropriate trophies. >.>

Year 11 Day 67 18:22
Aye, that I did. With a little hologram above it showing it was a Hutt.

Year 11 Day 70 14:03
Ellias, how did you get the name changed? Inventory doesn't let me change the name of my trophies.

Year 11 Day 70 17:41
I haven't changed the names of my trophies - just the image.