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Year 6 Day 331 20:48

I have tried to join the SW combine several times but each time i get the same responce:

your joining application was rejected due to a number of factors making your application suspicious. Various elements pointed towards this account being wittingly or unwittingly used to violate our muti-account rules. It is possible that you share the IP address of an existing player, this is usually caused by already having an account or sharing a connection with an existing player, please contact multi-accounts@swcombine.com.

i dont understand this because i am the only user on my computer
The SW Combine looks like a fun game wich i hope i will be able to play


handel: Kietag Zen

email: danzpichika@wmconnect.com

Year 6 Day 332 22:30
hmm, from what I can see on wmconnect.com it looks like it's a free email?

Also, did you sign up more than once in a row? Before getting a decline message.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 337 20:38

hi. sorry it took so long to respond.

how i understand it is that in order to get email from wmconnect.com you have pay for it to be your internet provider.

and no i dont belive that i tried signing more than once in a row before signing up

thanks for the help

Year 6 Day 337 22:45
hmm oki, please try signing up again.


Kids these days!