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Year 6 Day 331 21:50

does it realy have to take so long for the admin to recieve my email to join? i mean i wanna play now

Year 6 Day 332 4:50
All accounts have to be reviewed by members of the Administration, who are doing this in their free time, meaning that they're probably currently at work, sleep, or have other business to attend to. It usually takes 12-24 hours until your account gets either approved or declined.

If you haven't received an email after that time, please check your spam folders and try the "lost password" feature on the front page. If you get an "invalid email" error it means that your account was declined and you can sign up again.

Please be patient.


Year 6 Day 332 8:40
The time between registering and actually getting your account, is best spent reviewing the "Rules" page which is really more an outline of how to play, and features available.

You can also take this time to choose your character's race, skills and potential faction - start making connections, you come into the world naked, dirt-poor and stranded on your homeplanet, might want to make some friends who'll help you out ;)


Year 6 Day 332 12:48

ok ok i get it its just that i realy had nothing to do now i have nothing to do again and i want to play this game and i hope they do not decline my account cus i mean what is there to decline about my name date of birth and my email adress.