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Year 11 Day 68 17:57
Marcus Rahl
Marcus Rahl
Please help me to understand. There is no combat in this game at all, not even between NPCs. If so, what do you do, just fly around talking to everyone. Is there even a estimated time for this to be put in place. I just do not see how being in the great Galactic Empire is any fun if I can not blast the Rebels out of the sky in more Star Destroyer.

Year 11 Day 68 18:38
This simulation has been built over the past 11+ years by the players, for the players. We don't have paid programmers and engineers to make this as its all done on our own time and such. So in order to make a game from scratch, we have been utilizing the intelects that have joined us to propose a playable free online browser based Star Wars like simulation game, inputing what we can when we can.

In other words... Soon™

Year 11 Day 68 19:09
Marcus Rahl
Marcus Rahl
So honestly...what do you do. Also what stats matter in the game. I made a character that has weapon making but, since you can not fight I guess selling weapons is not a big industry. So which stats do matter. It sounds like this is just a big chat room. Not trying to talk bad or disrespect the game or anyone involved in making it.....just trying to figure out what is really going on.

Year 11 Day 68 19:28
The problem I see is that you are treating the combine like a Jedi Knight game, or X-wing Vs TIE fighter. its neither.

at the moment, people are stockpiling for combat, making space stations, levelling up to try and gain FS etc. Yes, We will have combat eventually. But this is a simulation, its not just about *blasting rebels and imperials outta the sky*, but mimicing the everyday life of star wars sentients.

Have patience, patience is a virtue. If you want combat, go honk onto a war sim, the general thread of the message center has a few that are good.

Year 11 Day 68 19:49
Marcus Rahl
Marcus Rahl
I am not treating it like anything...I am trying to figure out what it is. So far, from what I have been told, it is a simulation of star wars without a galactic war or any other conflict in the universe. I am not looking for a war game. I was looking for a great sim game set in the star wars universe. So how does one go about getting experience points and leveling up.

Year 11 Day 68 19:52
Vito Royan
Vito Royan
You walk around, fly , almost everything you do you get EXP for. Also, if you need a faction DM me. Hell I was in your boat when I first joined. After you understand this game more, you realize right now its all about stockpiling, and making money. The only type of war are "build wars" which is two or more factions trying to take over a planet, cant really explain since I have never done it before. But eventually it gets fun, remember. More money now, more bang later.



Year 11 Day 68 19:57
Marcus Rahl
Marcus Rahl
How does one get on the team to help in the process of getting combat into the game?

Year 11 Day 68 19:58
Construction, production, travel, a little RP doesn't hurt...

Most people are preparing for combat, one way or another, because if you wait until it arrives to prepare, then you're going to be too little too late.


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Year 11 Day 68 21:54
There are a couple main ways people are preparing for combat:

1. Rich people stockpile big and powerful ships.

2. Others get a fast ship and either a. try to achieve richness to stockpile, or b. build a safehouse (deep space spacestation) network then try to achieve richness to stockpile

3. Join a faction and hope that when combat comes out they supply you with a big ship (1 or 2 can be done at the same time)

Year 11 Day 69 6:13
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
I usually don't resort to RL examples, but:

Look at it from a real life stance:

How does one go to war? You need weapons. You need transportation. You need armor. You need security.

So how do you get all that?
You build weapons (which is possible in the game - weapon construction).
You build tanks and aircraft (which is possible in the game - ship and vehicle construction).
You construct armor (which is possible in the game - item construction).
You bring along other unit members (which is possible in the game - NPC hiring).

Now, how do you even get those things built and moved?

You need metals and other materials. Where do you get them from? From mother nature (which is possible in the game - Raw Material mining).
How do you know where to find them? By using equipment to find it (which is possible in the game - Prospecting).

Then look at other examples. You have police raids and quick spec ops raids (which is possible in the game - arrest/execute).

That's just a small part of it.

So as you see, there is more to anything than just combat. You can't fight without weapons or ships. You can't have weapons or ships if they're not built. You can't build them if you don't have the crew to build them or the materials. You can't have the materials if don't have mines to get the materials from. You can't get the mines if there are no deposits available. You can't know if there are deposits available if you have not prospected. You can't prospect a slab if you don't have a vehicle to prospect with.

That's like one big circle that shows you that really, combat is something that everyone is preparing for, as others here have said. If combat were out right now, and you tried right now to attack someone, all you would be doing is walking needlessly towards your own death, because they are moderately prepared, whereas you are not. Stay in the game, learn the mechanics, and get your security up as much as possible. Once you have done that, then you will realize that combat really is not as appealing as you are currently making it out to be.

Because (and this may sound ironic since the game exists for over 10 years now) as it is, it is still too early to bring out combat. We need more time and we need more things prior to combat to be implemented.

Year 11 Day 69 8:41
Think of it more as a life in an alternate universe (that just happens to be SW and accessible through your computer).

Year 11 Day 69 12:18
You're absolutely right - It's a big chat room, with the added bonus of a trading/political system that lets people flaunt their egos.