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Year 11 Day 70 20:23
Marcus Rahl
Marcus Rahl
Sorry if I am in the wrong place, still trying to find everything. I need to know where to post to get help joining the Empire. My request was approved and I was given so links but none of the work. Anyone who can point me in the right direction to get help would be greatly appreciated.

Year 11 Day 70 20:28
You might start with a polite DM to the person who accepted you into the faction. The people on this board will not be able to help you with faction-specific help.


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Year 11 Day 70 20:31
Marcus Rahl
Marcus Rahl
Do you know which board I should go to and how to find it?

Year 11 Day 70 20:46
CLick the name of your faction under your avatar and name - that will take you to their site where you can navigate to wherever you need. Other than that we cannot give you any help for faction specific areas as Hal said since each faction has to look after their own sites and links as they are external to SWC.

Year 11 Day 70 22:31
Go here

We changed domain names recently, and apparently changing the welcome DM was overlooked.

Year 11 Day 70 22:37
Marcus Rahl
Marcus Rahl
Well that is fascinating... I don't suppose you could tell me how to get to where I need to go?

Year 11 Day 70 22:41
Marcus Rahl
Marcus Rahl
Sorry did not see the GO HERE link.... my bad.