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Year 11 Day 71 10:42
My CP total is green suggesting that I am able to click on links to vote for the combine, but when I go to the Support the Combine page, there are no links for me to click on...What gives?

Year 11 Day 71 10:44
Seems that several of us had an issue yesterday where it didn't clear. I'm hoping that it'll right itself the next time we go through the links.


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Year 11 Day 71 10:50
Looks like one of the topsite icons doesn't show up, I'll forward it to the proper authorities.

Year 11 Day 71 11:38
Year 11 Day 71 14:05
Apparently the icon of the topsite was deleted by accident, it will be restored with the next sync.

Year 11 Day 73 20:51
It's doing it to me again.

Year 11 Day 74 1:27
All images are showing up to me now ...