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Archives » Problem solved--please close--Thanks!
I'm am not sure if this is a genuine glitch, or a clear case of PEBKAC, but I spawned a custom NPC yesterday, and cannot find it. Where the problem may come is that I was inside my ship at the time, however the ship is on the ground and not traveling. I can see the NPC in my NPC list, but for location, it is listed as
Sector: --
Galactic Position: (, )
When I try to "Show on Galactic Map", it puts the crosshairs dead center, and I can see no system there. I'm assuming it's just visualizing (, )

Any ideas what I can do here?

ID#779710, if that's useful, handle Adria Nuwisha.

"Would you qualify that as a launch problem or a design problem? " -Val Kilmer, Real Genius

Edited By: Eli Nuwisha on Year 11 Day 73 11:23
Year 11 Day 72 9:52
Bugbase it, as it sounds like a bug

Year 11 Day 73 9:57
OK, so it bounced back from the NPC team as having already been submitted before. Which, yes I did, but the image was changed from the first submission, because my first didn't have a black background. (oops) So I fixed that, resent, and now it's telling me I've already submitted it. Sigh...any ideas?

Year 11 Day 73 10:49
Contact the NPC team via e-mail, and explain the problem. I'm sure they'll be willing to look into it.

Year 11 Day 73 11:18
They just got back to me, and said the new NPC tool still has some bugs, so to resubmit, and they'd work it out.