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Year 6 Day 332 18:44
Marcus Traven
Marcus Traven
Ok, I lied. I have another couple of questions:

How do I change the image of my character? I found a place to exchange CPs for custom images for vehicles, starships, items & such but doesn't have character on the list.

Is there a location I can view the available alternate images before I choose the "private" image option?


Year 6 Day 332 22:20
Manage > Character > Edit Profile > URL to Character Pic

After you enter the ID and select Private the next page it shows you is the list of available images, it doesn't deduct CPs until you choose one.


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Year 6 Day 335 6:32
Ferrick Casant
Ferrick Casant
*realises khans pic is a nazi official 0_o...........never noticed ^^


Year 6 Day 336 0:47
well, German Field Marshall, technically.

Wiki Entry


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Year 6 Day 337 5:20
Lucas Cipher
Lucas Cipher
And no,Rommel wasn't a nazi. Take some history lessons :/

Year 7 Day 67 8:21
it's cool to have a different character pic, but how do I change my ship pic?

Year 7 Day 67 10:16
Information > Click your CP amount > Exchange CPs > Custom Images


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Year 7 Day 68 1:31
I know this probably isn't the place for this, but while we're on the subject...

Is there a chance that a price in CPs for custom items can be added to the Exchange CPs page? It gives the price for custom images, but not items.


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Year 7 Day 68 1:51


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