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Year 11 Day 73 20:26
I just made a custom NPC what happens if he is in my inventory but hasn't spawned yet and is it a bug if before it says he has spawned it won't let me edit or use his skill points.

It has been accepted now but it still will not let me spend his skill points do you know what I should do?

Edited By: Sacul Eaanso on Year 11 Day 77 12:04
Year 11 Day 73 22:00
It sounds like the same thing that occurs with custom items - they are created when they are applied for, but not active until they are accepted or declined. Have you received confirmation that the NPC was supposed to have been accepted?

Year 11 Day 73 23:28
I had the same problem when I spawned one a few days ago. What Hal said is how it works. You just have to wait until he's accepted by the NPC team and he'll appear at your position.

Year 11 Day 76 13:59
ok thank you :)

Year 11 Day 76 19:07
And you should not delete your first post once your question has been answered - others may have the same question.

Year 11 Day 85 12:47
Izzy Clarke
Izzy Clarke
What exactly can Custom NCP's do?

Year 11 Day 85 20:31
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
Nothing, you just rp with them.