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Year 11 Day 76 5:39
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
Following the announcement that, all being well, soonTM = 2010 with regards to combat, I have a few questions related to what happens after people start taking advantage of this feature.

1) Does this mean the NPC market will actually be well stocked if people keep dying and their assets get transferred to darkness? Will this free up some of those slabbed but otherwise empty planets?

2) Will there be any loosening up of faction membership requirements once people start to die? The example I had in mind is one of a production faction attached to a government, which is then attacked as a matter of strategic importance and said production faction suffer big casualties as a result of the attack, will they face dissolution? If so what will become of the DCs?

Year 11 Day 76 5:56
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
This seems more of a discussion topic than a general question so may be best to re ask there as you will get quite a few answers.

My take though:

1. the markets may be more stocked due to the delays of items going to market rather than because of an increase in people dying. many of the people dying now most likely have most of there assets anyway going to their factions/friends as most deaths are due to sunnings. The freeing up of slabbed planets is also likely to be a result of slab deterioration again rather than deaths.

2. Doubt it for the first part, and DC's would be lost as R&D would allow them to be regained later. Factions can do a lot to avoid dissolution in the event of combat by having a reserve of active players not doing active work and hence staying out of danger.