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Year 11 Day 77 11:48
No way out, can't enter cockpit. I need to kill my character and start over. How do I do this?

Year 11 Day 77 11:56
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
Maybe you could try posting in the traders lounge or similar, asking if anyone can pick you up. Maybe you'll have to offer someone something for their trouble though.
Send me DM with your location if possible I'll get you.

Year 11 Day 77 14:14
There is a button in the cocpit, yellow I believe, that says, Contact Owner. try that, mabye you can find out more.

Year 11 Day 77 18:14
Avid, that button should be available anywhere in the ship in the POsition interface. SHould be to the right of the room description.

Also, if you were on a faction owned ship, try contacting them as well - they may still own it.

Year 11 Day 78 14:51
Deleted Post
Deleted by Avid Soyak. Reason: Not helpful
Year 11 Day 78 15:06
Well that certainly sounds like a breach of the golden rule

Year 11 Day 78 18:03
Helena Gladio
Helena Gladio

Edited By: Helena Gladio on Year 11 Day 79 3:34
Year 11 Day 78 18:44
And still has resulted in people getting banned in the past. Because it's a breach of the Golden Rule.

Year 11 Day 78 20:07
Yes, its a bad thing to do.

Year 11 Day 79 13:49
Wait, what is?

Year 11 Day 79 14:02
What Revan had said.

'nuff said...

Year 11 Day 79 20:01
Taken care of.