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Year 11 Day 78 0:45
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
I'm wondering how the cargo volume of a ship is calculated, currently my ship has a volume capacity of 33/25m3, which means my remaining capacity is -8m3 which is quite clearly impossible.

What's going on? I'm also prevented from dropping or opening any of the containers I'm carrying.

Year 11 Day 78 1:20
Most likely you were near the limit of your ship. You then emptied a crate or other storage item since it detected that there was space left. Then the items that were emptied had a combined volume that was greater than what was there, hence the negative volume. And since there is no room left for the items you wish to drop now, that function is disabled.

Year 11 Day 78 19:03
I like to call it "magic."

Year 11 Day 79 1:19
Nah, quantum. Explains everything.

Year 11 Day 79 3:42
Dan, just think of how tightly you're pressed against the cockpit window right now. >.>

Anyway, yeah, these are known issues. The only way you can really do anything is by heading to another entity and starting to unload onto that. Without going over the limits.

My favorite is when you're in a full flightsuit and can't get on a fighter because you're wearing too much.

Year 11 Day 80 18:49
Luckily what you wear no longer counts towards the weight/volume limit, or we would all be naked, and Cam's vision would be realized.

Year 11 Day 81 0:29
Until we have a "pants" slot, it still is, Jevon.

Year 11 Day 84 12:57
I just realized that I don't have any pants on!