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Archives » NPC Ship Transport....MIA?
Year 11 Day 78 5:19
Is it typical that the "Star Tours" npc transport ship is sometimes not docked at a station? I flew into Sanyassa Starport #1 a few days ago, now wish to leave the planet, and I can't seem to find the shuttle in the Hanger or Dock rooms of the Starport. Any help or answers would be graciously accepted.

Year 11 Day 78 5:32
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
After dropping you off the Star Tours was deleted. You must go purchase passage again and another one will appear.

Year 11 Day 78 5:42
As Sim says, the transports are spawned whenever someone buys a ticket, and is deleted after the travel is finished. If oyu wish to travel again, you will need to purcahse another travel ticket.

Year 11 Day 78 5:50
Ahhhh, I get it now! Thanks guys.

Year 11 Day 78 7:13
Hmm. I seem to remember when I traveled here the ship NPC automatically came up on the room scan, which it doesn't seem to be doing now. This is probably an extremely noob question, but whats the process for purchasing said ticket once inside the Starport?

Year 11 Day 78 9:30
Click "Actions" on the position screen once inside the starport. You should see another button like "NPC Transport".