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Year 11 Day 79 9:09
Alright here's the thing I've been stuck inside a ship for awhile now and have tried contacting the owner and my faction in general but neither of them have provided me any solutions. I'm also afraid that at this moment the ship I am inside is maybe in the hanger bay of a larger ship. I would like to post on trade chat for someone to come and pick me up but I have no idea where I am currently at. The other problem is if I do find out where I'm at and somebody does come and try to give me a ride am I even going to be able to leave the ship I'm currently stuck on to get into theirs? I am I lacking some permissions that would let me move around because currently the ship I'm stuck in is not moving but there is nothing that I can enter outside and there hasn't been for awhile. I would really like to actually play swcombine and not just sit in someones ship and read Sim News. Help would be wonderful.

Year 11 Day 79 9:42
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
If your ship is docked on a big ship then you can exit your ship and wander around the big ship. You may even be lucky and the big ship is landed somewhere or has its location in a room description.

If you can find out your location you can easily hop onto their ship. Just wander round and try and contact the owner of the larger ship if you cannot exit it.

If all else fails you may have to send a dm to assistants@swcombine.com with all information about timescales etc.