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Year 6 Day 334 3:15
I couldn't help noticing the sudden appearance of the planet Lotide in the Elrood sector. According to my sources, it was originally in the Modell sector, and was built by a group of people for a contractor who then disappeared. Therefore, it was sold to the Empire.

At this point, I'm told Avance Coalition complained about the fact that they would no longer control the sector and the planet was therefore moved to the Mayagil sector.

Now, I can't confirm the truth of any of this in game without getting answers from the GE or Avance (which frankly, isn't going to happen). However in my opinion if it WAS moved for this reason, something is seriously wrong. Theres no way a whole planet should be moved because people are complaining about a completely legitimate tactical move!

Please, someone tell me it ain't so.

Year 6 Day 334 10:01
A quick search shows the system is Khuiumin, not Lotide. Lotide (planet) was in Mortex System/Sector (not in SWC), and Khuiumin was in the Vemo sector(Also not in SWC). These sorts of systems are usually dealt with by putting them in random outer-rim sector, unless we intend to create the needed sector.

Why it's in Elrood, and whether it used to be in Moddell, I'm not entirely sure...could you explain better? You're saying the Khuiumin system (which includes for some reason, the Lotide planet) was moved from Moddell, to Mayagil, to Elrood?


Year 6 Day 334 10:13
This is what I'm told. I know for certain that a Lotide with high population seemed to appear overnight.

Asking around, I was told that it had been moved from Modell to Elrood, because Avance complained. Mentioning Mayagil was a mistake in my part there, it had no involvement... i meant Elrood. /me blushes