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Year 11 Day 86 4:10
Not sure if it has been mentioned before, but what happens when combat is introduced? Will it turn into a Highlander sort of thing (with characters who have been around for awhile and have decent levels and stats killing everyone else until there is Only One left, until hundreds of lvl 1 characters get together and ram a SSD up their rear-end) or will death not be part of combat?

Year 11 Day 86 10:24
No one really knows what will happen. As you can see from the Youtube video presentation by Veynom, on the sim news, that there will be alot of different tpes of combat implementations coming forth in the next year.

Year 11 Day 86 13:35
Thank you, will have to check out that presentation next month when mah boradband is working again and can watch videos (and not take 2 hours to load a 5 minute clip)

Year 11 Day 86 21:30
At a guess, any PVP combat, whether in parties on the ground or in ships etc will involve pernament death, much like A/E is now. Only difference is you will have time to respond most likely to being attacked and either run or fight back. In addition, by the looks othe HP rules you cna be knocked out before you die, giving you further options to survive - the person shooting you could just take you out like that, then move onto the next target as you cannot respond to him.

Year 11 Day 87 5:41
Ah like how in SWG most times you just get knocked out and then have time to get away (but if you get attacked again within 30 seconds you are dead and cloned in the nearest clone bank)

Ah just don't like the idea of some jerk coming along and blasting some innocent sentient (me in particular :P) and the now-dead sentient basically has to start again from nothing

Year 11 Day 87 9:41
Death, in SWC, is and always has been permanent. I'm sure those who have been A/Eed didn't like it much, but I suspect they'd like it less if a second chance was handed to everybody who died in combat.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

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Year 11 Day 89 18:30
So...when combat is implamented could this happen?

A has just waited 3 weeks after his character died. He has just created a new one.
B has been playing for ages and has a large amount of experience and weapons. He is standing in the entrence room of the local starport when a new character appears. He decides to shot A with his bowcaster.
A has been killed about 1 minute after his character was created and must now wait another 3 weeks and come up with another snazzy name.

Now this could be really unfair. I think when combat is implamented there will be mass killing!

Is there any plans to help the new characters created from ending up like A up there?

Year 11 Day 89 19:10
Cyrus Braveheart
Cyrus Braveheart
There was a suggestion to give new players a temporary invincibility don't remember the Devs thoughts on it. Also for most weapons it would likely not kill on the first hit, or so I would assume.

Year 11 Day 89 21:48
Albireo Flura
Albireo Flura
@Cyrus Braveheart

DL-44 does something like 35-50 damage with an optimal range of 0.

A standard newbie will be some sort of human race, so they'll probably have between 16-24 hp depending on how they've spent their SP's. A single shot from the DL-44 could kill them. In fact most weapons could kill them in a single shot.

Year 11 Day 89 22:04
Deleted Post
Christian Hall
Deleted by Christian Hall. Reason: I rephrased the exact same thing as the above post said
Year 11 Day 90 0:06
I swear that scenario isn't at all my exact plan and also not at all the reason I carry a DL-44.

-I hope that convinces them-

~Oh, hello OOC thought-bubble!~

-shh, don't tell anyone i'm here-

Promise. Furthest thing from my mind.

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Year 11 Day 90 0:23
A standard newbie will be some sort of human race....

- Albireo Flura

Really, hmmm.... My first Character was a Selkath. Hmmm, I carry a Bowcaster and the states are like this.
Min Damage: 45
Max Damage: 75
Op Range: 5
But I only plan to use it for self defence in the case my above senerio happens or the metioned chaos happens when combat is implamented.

Year 11 Day 90 1:06
Hey Srukk, he meant a generic, run of the mill newbie who has *just* spawned. So the most he'll have in his starting facility is...nothing. IF he makes it to an NPC shop before I, er, someone, get to them, they'll be facing my, er, their DL-44, with a knife or a staff.

Edit: P.S. Also, in terms of numbers and using a 'generic' example, humans are the most numerous and thus the best 'generic' to use, weighing in at 932 players to Selkath's 27 and Trandoshan's 55.

Also. This isn't about YOU. It's about a generic scenario.

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Year 11 Day 90 7:36
The scenario posted above is highly unlikely, as it would require the new character to either:
- remain at its spawning location until player B logs in and notices player A
- or be very unlucky and happen to spawn at the same time player B checks his position screen.

Besides, player A could just spawn at his faction's HQ facility, which should be rather safe. Player B might just as well have shot someone else a few minutes earlier and would suffer from the fire delay. The faction controlling the planet where player A spawns might have something against people killing freshly spawned newbies as well.

Or player B might simply miss the shot ...

Year 11 Day 90 8:20
Well I guess there are a lot of veriables to the said senerio, but it could happen is what I'm saying.

Yes, I know its not about me. All I was stating is that not every single newbie will be human. Yes there are way more humans and near humans in the game, but there are still a large number of players as other races (If you add them all up I'm guessing). As for Trandoshans....there were 63 active when I spawned on Trandosha.

Year 11 Day 90 13:24
Ah have no problem with combating (and losing to other players), ah just have a problem with dieing and losing everything ah've work for

Year 11 Day 90 15:18
Well, then, you have a problem.

Year 11 Day 90 15:35
People always mistake rebirth and new, fresh starts, for some negative and bummer thing like 'death.'

Year 11 Day 92 15:06
Rayner Vanguard
Rayner Vanguard
Actually, it's been suggested in here :

Along with the reason (which is mostly ooc reason)

Year 11 Day 103 7:11
Hi all!

I am new, started yesterday, but I must say...

With all the time it's taking for combat to go live and the time we still have to wait for it, I am sure we all will agree on a solution to most of the riddles about combat.