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Year 11 Day 88 0:05
I'm a newly spawned kiffar and there is a planetary shield around the city that a pilot i hired to pick me up. How can i get past this?

Year 11 Day 88 0:39
Check which faction owns the planet, and then go to that factions page to find out who is currently the leader and send them message asking who to contact to be allowed to pass (and then wait 3 weeks with no reply :P)

Year 11 Day 88 3:37
If the entire planet is covered, they'll need to request access from... Black Sun, I believe.

If it's only the city, they can fly around. :p

Year 11 Day 88 9:21
You can also use the NPC Transport system from the starport to get out past the shields, although obviously you will then need to arrange to be collected from your destination plant.


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Year 11 Day 88 10:10
Black Sun is the controlling faction of Kiffex, so you're best bet is to get in touch with Beauba Fettt about it. Otherwise I can toss him a message about your situation, as i'm the Magistrate of the planet and the local Kiffar political leader.

Year 11 Day 88 20:24
Didn't there used to be an NPC that would let you go from the surface to a ship in orbit through a planet's shields?

Year 11 Day 88 20:26
NPC speech is disabled, and it requires you to be pilot/commander/owner of the vessel, I believe.