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Year 6 Day 334 10:14
Tarform Boggs
Tarform Boggs
Some Questions:

1. What's the real use of a Y-Wing Longprobe anyways?

2. Why do most weapons under the weapons sections show 0 credits as cost of raw materials?

3. Can you attack from something like atmospheric level to ground level?

Year 6 Day 334 10:24
Revan Corrus
Revan Corrus
The Y-Wing Longprobe is a ship, so its use is to travel in space, in the atmosphere of a planet or in a city. There is no combat yet, so don't bother with such a things :).

Year 6 Day 334 11:18
Tarform Boggs
Tarform Boggs
Thet's not what I meant by the use of the Y-Wing Longprobe. Suppose a group of pirates attacked you. If you were flying alone in a Longprobe, wouldn't you be defenseless as to shoot back? (assume that they had an interdiction field to stop you from going to hyperspace).

Year 6 Day 334 12:03
Tenodera Aridifolia
Tenodera Aridifolia
Right, if pirates suddenly decide to attack a random person flying in a longprobe.

It's a ship, it's cheap and it has a good scanning range for it's size.

Year 6 Day 334 13:04
Why is this family in a kayak?


When they could be in one of these nasty kriffers?



Year 6 Day 334 14:04
Tenodera Aridifolia
Tenodera Aridifolia
Can't strap a destroyer to your cars roof.

Year 6 Day 334 15:33
Longprobe is a cheap, fairly fast expendable probing ship. Maybe the name hints at the fact that it has much better sensors than most fighters and better than some freighters and even equals most low level caps so what it can't see first it can ususally outrun. I mean if you can see somthing from 8 squares away then you won't be in the grav well of said interdictor anyway or if you are then you can surely outrun it. I'd take the sensors over guns if i was a lone pilot.


Year 6 Day 334 17:04

It's a simple scout ship. It's not meant to get into the heat of battle.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 335 6:27
Ferrick Casant
Ferrick Casant
Im going to actually answer his questions ^^

1/Like it has been stated its a scouting vessel ot designed for precarious combat situations.

2/The reason it says 0 under price blah blah blah , is becuase its to hard to predict the price of such things before production is released , also admins are lazy.... :P

3/I suppose so as you can shhot from ground to atmosphere but i dont know for sure.

people should just aswer his damn q,s not go on about how we all love the friggin probe 0_o


Year 6 Day 335 6:46
Tenodera Aridifolia
Tenodera Aridifolia
2 - The reason why there's no estimated price for weapons is because there's no raw material requirements established. No raw mat requirement means no estimated raw mat cost. *obviously*

3 - Yes. (considering you'll be able to fire from orbit to ground and vice versa)