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Archives » where are the Arconas? MOVED TO COMMERCE, CLOSE
hello all of you who where born and raised on Cona and proud of it! Thats right, I want too se wheere thos other 57 Arconas are around the galaxy. Just put a post in here to introduce your slef. who knows? we may even form a small "Arconan comunity" if there are enough active ones out there!

Edited By: Janos Bell on Year 11 Day 93 15:00
Year 11 Day 91 13:43
It's Cona, not Corona. This also isn't the place for this kind of thread.

Year 11 Day 91 16:16
Well im right here. :P

Year 11 Day 91 17:31
Maybe you should try in General talk, this is the questions area where people ask questions when they need help.

Year 11 Day 92 0:54
Corona... I didn't know we were beer! ISH

Year 11 Day 92 14:51
oops, terible spelling! didn't meen to put that R in there! anyways, general talk is OCC only..... any other sugestions for a replace? I did try too find a good place for this post, but all the others didn't seem to fit either :(.

Edited By: Janos Bell on Year 11 Day 92 18:50
Year 11 Day 92 18:59
You could try the Commerce section of the RPG Centre

Year 11 Day 93 10:53
Yep, there are other race-specific groups advertising on Commerce.

I'd love to help set up some sort of Arcona community if you're looking for help.

Year 11 Day 93 14:59
cool, thats two I have found now :)
I will be moving this to Commerce, so post on there from now on guys!

I live near commerce and am a member of Astaroth. Would be happy to make contact with Arconas and be a friend. Im a Cathar and about to be in the buisness of buildings mines. After current tasks will appreciate job offers if I am able to obtain permission to contract out.