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Year 11 Day 95 8:14
I have scanned back through multiple pages of posts, but have not seen any ask the question of 'Is there an estimated return date for NPC dialog?' I am unable to accomplish several tasks and it is slightly more than annoying. I am unable to receive healing from my medic, I am unable to gain XP by 'training' with my brawlers, I am unable to purchase items at shops to name a few.

If there is a way to accomplish these tasks still, please clue me in. If not, when may we start to look for the return of NPC dialog so that we may accomplish these tasks again?

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Year 11 Day 95 10:47
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
No, there is no way to accomplish them without the scripts.

Year 11 Day 95 12:33
Okay, I didn't think so. So, when might we expect the scripts to be implemented once again?

Year 11 Day 95 13:56
Sim Karr
Sim Karr

Basically it is up in the air as to when.

Year 11 Day 95 17:52
I think Clarr was working on the scripts. If its really bothering you you could try asking him politely to see when they would be ready.

Year 11 Day 95 23:59
The lack of scripts are annoying. Newbies can't rent vehicles and buy basic items. You can't use the NPC Shuttle service either, that is a bumber. I think is was mentioned in the Sim News, but I can't remember....Why were the origenal scripts removed?

I also have anothers question, It might be a little off topic but I thought I might ask. What is with this SoonTM?

Year 11 Day 96 1:02
Korvas Varik
Korvas Varik
It is the admins way of saying they don't have a definitive time or date to give

Year 11 Day 96 1:06
The scripts were removed because they are implementing a new system for NPC scripts that would allow custom NPCs to be used effectively as well as allow for greater options in the future.

Year 11 Day 96 2:18
Next sync will bring back the ability to buy items from shops, hire NPC shuttles from starports; through the "actions" menu on the position page.

Year 11 Day 96 10:23
Thank you all very much for the information. It is actually very helpful to know it is in work.

Year 11 Day 100 9:25
Well, as Clarr said, the actions should be available from the Actions menu for now. I'm working on re-writing all the scripts for the NPCs at the moment, so once I'm done with that and the coders have re-inserted the code for the special effects (brawling, pickpockets etc) they will be brought back.

Year 11 Day 100 10:43
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
Thank you Ellias! I'm looking forward to that. Soon(TM) right? :P