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Year 6 Day 335 12:37
Augusto Cereto
Augusto Cereto
i'm new at this game... and after 3 days i have not yet placed a starting location... i'm still wating for the galatic empire to answear my join request... is there a faction which is better for new comers or the best choice is a huge one like the empire?


a have nothing other than my 13k credits from the creation

Year 6 Day 335 12:44
if you want money the empire is maybe not your best choice however goverments are usauly the most noob friendly factions, I know that most goverments have a suffiecent training program, that will get you assimilated with the game, however it is very difficult to move up in such a large faction which in turn means less money for you, so your choice is better training or better money

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Year 6 Day 335 20:39
Marcus Traven
Marcus Traven
Having recieved alot of pressure to join a faction, I personally have contacted three different factions (I won't identify them cuz I don't want bad blood with them) and of those 3 factions, one told me that he was only interested in players with their own ship (not a fighter or small freighter mind you but something you need capital ship piloting for) and the other two haven't yet even sent me a No yet.

I understand that some factions are more selective than others but I think I'll just stay Freelance for a bit- at least until I can figure out how all the alliances are aligned.

If you get yourself a faction (not a secret one of course) maybe you could drop back and tell us how things are over there?

Year 6 Day 335 20:58
There is no "best faction". As you're not Human, and most likely not FS, you won't be accepted into the Empire unless they're going to kill you when you create.

Really, it depends what you want to do. Do you plan on being a combat pilot when it's out? Go government or paramilitary. Not like there aren't a wide selection there.

Money isn't an all important aspect. Would you rather serve with those in a group purely for the money, or those who are there because they want to be there?

There are some very elitist factions (Black Sun somes to mind). There are also some very... Non-new member friendly (the group Marcus speaks of, apparently). Some aren't very active or respectful towards others (other two Marcus speaks of it seems. He has really bad taste in factions :P ). Others are more than willing to help in any way they can.

Just look around and figure out what you want to do. :)


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Year 6 Day 335 23:42
Marcus Traven
Marcus Traven
Well, there are alot of factions, and I do have a way with people...


Year 6 Day 336 0:54
To disagree with Han Hunter, governments are typically *not* the best place for a new player to start.

A government already has a substantial number of players, and is likely to adopt the view "We'll accept ten newbies this week, and hopefully one of them works out" - that means they're not really going to foster each of those newbie's gameplay experiences, or waste resources trying to teach them tricks, or get them off their homeplanet.

A smaller group though, with 5 or 6 members, is much more likely to want to try and shape that member into a key part of their hierarchy, in the hopes they'll be...I keep wanting to use "Slogga-tastic" as an adjective, but you get the idea


Year 6 Day 336 9:37
Hey hey hey. Speak for yourself about how govs treat newbies. :p

Or just specify the RA and GE.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 336 16:57
I think it would be a lot easier to choose a faction based on what you want your character to be.

Year 6 Day 337 9:33
As Xavier says, it is best to find a faction that best suits what your character wants to be.

If you want to meet as many people as possible, a larger faction such as a government would be best. However, if you want better friendships with a few people, then a smaller faction would be best. Government factions would probably have bigger training programs, however with smaller factions, you are more likely to be guided through the training, with your questions answered in more detail. In the end, we all go back to the point : What do you and your character want to do? It is up to you :)



Uber Fishyness
Year 6 Day 337 15:40
The best bet in terms of getting a reply from someone is to select a faction led by someone you see regularly in the forums. That way, at least if they don't reply then you know they're just ignorant.... (checks his faction join messages).

There are plenty of newb friendly factions: governments get mentioned because they have the money to pay newbies, generally. Of course, some work on the principle that they are happy to pay anyone well based on activity, so you know...