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Year 11 Day 97 13:52
No, really. I need a ship to do anything and those cost more than a small moon. Basically: if there ain't no water for the Horse to drink, it'll go somewhere else. In this case, if there ain't no Factions with speedy answers of: yes, we need an Ace Freighter/Fighter pilot, then I need a way to support myself without needing a Faction. In this case, I don't see anything refering to jobs I can take for myself, about freelance work (NPC or PC) I can take, and I can't even buy an old junker to do business with to get off this rock.

What can I do to improve my situation just starting out yet having a rank 4 in Freighter/Fighter Piloting? I'm an ace in the skies. If someone reads this who's in a faction, rather than sending me something already pre-written, I want you to do this:

1. tell me my monthly wage. (1 million credit minimum wage) [I may be new, but I'm the best damn pilot you can find.]
2. tell me the job I'll be performing. (including what my cargo is)
3. tell me any added benefits to accepting the faction's invitation
4. tell me about the faction and what its goals are and where the faction is planning on going.

I'm open to suggestions and DMs from Factions following these criteria.

Year 11 Day 97 13:55
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
This should be in the Seeking Work forum mate.

Year 11 Day 97 14:05
Rio Talon
Rio Talon
Yes, people SHOULD have the option of going freelance from the start without needing to join a faction, it would make the game more realistic, but i guess some factions already have a hard time getting new recruits to join them.

1) A 4 in freighter/fighter piloting isn't much different from a 3 (just a few hours). And i believe there are some people out there with a skill level 5 on piloting so i'm sorry to say this, but you ain't the best pilot around.

2) Why would you need to know what your cargo is?(not quite sure what you meant by that). If you join a faction they will provide you with all the necessary equipment.

Year 11 Day 97 18:42
You should make yourself aware of:

1) The New Player Zone forum on the Message Centre.

2) The Positions Vacant forum on the RPG Centre (most of the ads will answer 1 and 3, at least, possibly 4, and in rare cases give you an idea of 2). You can also, as has been pointed out, use the Seeking Work forum below it.

3) The Guide, linked at the top of every page.

4) The Classifieds. Well... normally I actually don't encourage anyone to use those, but they offer sections similar to the Positions Vacant and Seeking Work forums of the RPG Centre which you might find easier to quickly scan down to pick out which factions are offering the wage minimum you desire.


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Year 11 Day 97 20:18
As for going freelance, SWC isn't really built around them. There are ways of going solo, btu its a lot harder. If you want your own ship cheaply, your best bet is to save up some CPs and spawn yourself a fighter or something. Just make sure it has hyper or you won't be able to leave the system you are in.

Year 11 Day 98 20:07
If you want to do freelance, the only feasible way to do that is to join a faction that will let you do your own thing inbetween official duties, and factions like that are rare (but are well worth it when you find one)

It also helps getting your name out, that's how ah got a 54 day job :)