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Year 11 Day 99 9:11
A week ago I sent an e-mail with my information to "togan@swcombine.com" asking to be added to the list as an "Arabian user", but until now i'm not on the list.
, and even didn't recieve a response.

Is there a problem or it takes a while to be added to the list ?

Edited By: Ebra Eladdad on Year 11 Day 106 5:58


Ebra Eladdad
Year 11 Day 100 1:58
It takes a while to be added to the list, as I can only update it if I have spare time to do so :/

Don't worry, I have received your email and will take care of it next time I update the page.

Year 11 Day 100 4:39
ok, thanks :) .

Year 11 Day 101 5:56
Togan can you clean up the list?. There are alot of death/respawned/inactive names on the list!.

(p.s. you can putt me and jools noctru in the dutch list)

Year 11 Day 101 12:24
Yeah, I'll go through the list in the next few days. Anax, can you send me the information you want displayed for yourself to my email? Please have Jools do the same (I can only accept information that was sent from the characters themselves).

Year 11 Day 102 7:09
I will!..

A idea: You can putt the list in the trader lounge and ask them for imputt who is alive and not! let them work for you:P!. (you deserve some free time!)