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Year 11 Day 99 13:16
My friend (character name Jacdu Jawes) sent me 3,289,171. I only have 98,266 credits? He moved out of our friends house but uses his computer from time to time to check on things (as do I)...but he sent me the money and it's not all there?

Ardan Kraell

Year 11 Day 99 18:39
Possible he sent it to someone else by mistake. I had a irl friend who sent his credits to the wrong person before, luckily it was a small amount. Their names were close to the same, so I can understand how that happened.

have him verify that it was you he sent the credits to. If not, I would post it in the bug base: http://bugs.swcombine.com/login_page.php

Year 11 Day 99 20:01

I'm looking at the transaction sheet right now...it shows the deposit, but my balance sure doesn't reflect it. I'll contact the "bug" guys :)

Year 11 Day 100 4:04
Happens to me often, sometimes you need to wait a while for it to show in the inventory credits.

At inventory, press credits, If its in your transactions then you do have the money and it should appear later.