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Year 11 Day 102 9:53

I wonder how Theft/Deceit is planned to work in the future, I would like to know how stealing a ship or vehicle would work or if there are any draft that the administration has been thinking about and could share with us mortals.

I can only imagine that the skill Theft/Deceit will be used, I wonder what additional skill that could be added to this equation if any?

Reason I am asking is cause I didn't find anything in the YouTub video about this future for this year.

An answer or serious hint to this would be greatly appreciated as always.

//Dr. Pli

Year 11 Day 102 12:40
I've been wondering the same. What's it going to require to steal a ship...

Year 11 Day 102 13:46
No information is currently available.

My guess: Don't expect it to be easy.

Year 11 Day 102 14:43
Just a guess:

There exists differently scaled locks.
There exists a lockbreaker.
There exist lockable containers.

Therefore I could think about the ability to bypass locks, and pick up stuff that lies around there - maybe even owning it afterwords (after some slicing in the Holonet to forge the documents).

Year 11 Day 102 14:52
Kavilo, the question is about ships/vehicles, not items.

Year 11 Day 102 17:02

I reckon the idea is transferable to items as well.

Likely be based on computer skills and mechanical skills.

Who wouldn't want to be a Booster Terrick or a Niles Ferrier and boost some Caps for their faction?

Year 11 Day 102 18:22
As Hal said, not much, if anything, has been drawn up with regard to it. Its doubtful that much will be looked at until the next dev meeting.

Year 11 Day 104 17:25
Ah well thank you boys for you assistance. :)

//Dr. Pli