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Year 11 Day 102 12:41
Is it possible to capture creatures at this time? If not, is it planned in the future?

Year 11 Day 102 13:05
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
It is planned for the future. Not sure when...

Year 11 Day 102 13:16
I think I read somewhere it's supposed to come out with creature combat.


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Year 11 Day 102 17:04

I reckon there would likely be a market for exotic animal species. Could be a lucrative trade, if you had the skills to handle it. Might even foster the creation of a new faction type.

Year 11 Day 102 18:20
I believe it is hoped to be part of the creature combat stage, along the lines of you damage it before attempting to capture it. Gotta catch 'em all!

Year 11 Day 102 22:13
Rio Talon
Rio Talon
Lol, will it be possible to tame them and use them as party members? you

Year 11 Day 102 22:20
I don't think we have a lot of creatures that'll fit in the little red and white balls...


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Year 11 Day 102 22:30
Saying that Hal, look at the size of some of the creatures they managed to stuff in there.

Rio, anything to do with that is unknown at the moment. I know quite a lot of people would love to be able to drag around a pet, or even feed their priosners to it (combat with creatures in your party, yay!), but that will be decided when everything else is coded.

Year 11 Day 102 22:34
I'd rather not. I about exhausted my Pokemon knowledge just making that comment, and I'm okay with that.

Year 11 Day 102 23:58
I remember hearing a long time ago how hard a time the art team was having to decline dozens of people submitting Poke balls as custom items.

Year 11 Day 103 0:03
I think it would be cool if you could use creatures as mounts when you tame them. I'd love to take a ride on a Dewback.

Year 11 Day 103 4:51
I got another question!.. Mabey it was asked before but heck!
Can you be killed by a Creature???

Year 11 Day 103 6:20
As nothing can currently attack you no. When creature combat comes out then the idea is much more likely.

Year 11 Day 103 10:16
Srukk, I asked about that when I did a little work on creature rules. The problem is that you'd have to set the creature as a container, just like a vehicle. So you'd ride 'in' the dewback, just like you ride 'in' a swoop as opposed to 'on' it.

A little wierd, and apparently quite a hassle to change the code to do it any other way.

Year 11 Day 103 18:45
Mean interesting cockpit images though don'tcha think?

Year 11 Day 103 19:05
Well, no different than riding "in" a swoop bike.

Year 11 Day 104 7:03
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
Wouldn't the 'cockpit' view be nothing but unobstructed planet travelling view?

Will we need any special items for taming? Like a slave collar, saddle or something.

Could we keep them in a zoo or wildlife preserve?

I want a rancor to ride on and vorskr and ysalamiri for my own protection (unless it turns out that I'm force sensitive).