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Year 11 Day 102 15:45
Normally I would ask this under "General help" but for some reason I no longer I remember I've been banned.

Anyways, I'm trying to make a custom NPC with my combine points but it requires an image. Well first off it dosen't have an option for me to just browse the ones on my laptop and pick one. I need to type in an image code. Easy enough, I'll just upload it onto photobucket.

But wait, it requires certain file types that I can't get off photobucket. So I got message combine staff for help, only they don't accept hotmail anymore so now I have to go through some complicated email set up for an adress I probably lost the password to so that isn't working either.

So I decided my only shot was to see if someone on here knows I can upload the image for my custom NPC I'm trying to buy. Thanks.

Year 11 Day 102 16:54
I assume you refer to this requirement: "Images must be in JPG, GIF or PNG format."?

Those are all fairly standard formats available using most image manipulation software. What format is the file that you are trying to use? You should be able to download a free application capable of converting your image into one of these file types, and I believe (although I don't use it myself) that photobucket should allow these formats.

Failing this, perhaps you have a friend with his own hosting who might let you upload it there, since an image in one of these formats will take up minimal space and bandwidth.

Uploading images from your computer is prohibited to prevent malicious code from being introduced to the SWC server in an image.

Also, you might want to start a separate topic for the issue with hotmail not being accepted, as a good number of members still use it, and I'm not sure why it would not be accepted by staff e-mail addresses.


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Year 11 Day 102 18:02
Look like photobucket did give me the file type.

I just had trouble spotting it. Thanks Hal.