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Archives » Finding NPC and giving him Tags?
Year 11 Day 102 18:09
I got my custom NPC "Zane Gural" and trying to give him tags for conversation and also trying to find his location.

Thing is though it dosen't give me a location of where he is and the tag set up looking like a programming sort of thing.

I'm wondering if someone could tell me how to place my NPC somewhere and how I can work on his tags. Thanks.

Year 11 Day 102 18:32
I'm guessing you tried this immediately after getting it? As with custom items, custom NPCs will be put in your inventory immediately after clicking the button. However it will not spawn at your location until the NPC team take a look and accept it in. At that point it will have a location.

Also, what do you mean tags for conversation? DO you mean that inventory tags for organising stuff? Or something else?

Year 11 Day 102 20:28
I read that I could use tags or something for custom conversations.

As for the location though will it be random or in my ship or something?

Year 11 Day 102 20:49
Location wil be the room where you submitted it (or possibly where you are now - not entirely sure on that).

As for the tags for customs, you are possibly looking at old rules for custom speech trees. At the moment all NPC speech as been disabled, including custom NPCs. There will be a Sim News announcment once they are back, and custom scripting can be done again.

Year 11 Day 103 11:05
Well that sucks... I wanted to give Zane some funny things to say.

Thanks for your help Ellias.