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Archives » Clarification on IFF and sharing sensors please
Note: Alice's and Bob's default IFF status is neutral unless otherwise noted.

Scenario 1: Alice and Bob are mutual IFF friends.

Scenario 2: Alice has Bob on her IFF list as a friend. Bob doesn't have Alice on his list, but has his default IFF status as friend.

Scenario 3: Neither Alice nor Bob are friends with each other, but both have their default IFF status as friend.

In scenario 1, Alice and Bob can share sensors, but what about in scenarios 2 and 3?

Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
2: Yes.
3: No.

2 is actually no. The "friend" status on the list has to be reciprocated to share sensors.


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A friend and I was toying around with this just yesterday, as a matter of fact. From various tests, adding a person (and them adding you) to your friend list (or by default) does not allow you to share sensors with them.

Member A has the owner of Member B's ship, vehicle or station on their friends list and Member B has the owner of Member A's ship, vehicle or station on their friends list.

- 2.3/ Sharing Sensors

While the rules state that what we attempted should allow us to share sensors, it did not register as such when using a scan. ( There was no little dish next to the ship itself, indicating that we would be sharing sensors). Unless we were doing something wrong, I think that there may be a bug involved.

Were you on personal ships or faction ships?

I've shared sensors with other factions on many occasions, when they are on our friends as we (presumably) are on theirs. Remember it goes by ship owner as to if they will let you use their sensors, not pilot. Also check your character IFF settings, as faction settings will override your personal choices.

I was on a station owned by myself, looking at a ship owned by my friend. It identified as friendly, but did not register as sharing sensors.

Would we both need to disable faction IFF for it to work?

Your friend was on their ship, yes?

No, they were not physically aboard the ship. I didn't realize that was a needed requirement.

Only satellites share sensors without a PC being aboard, I believe. Not entirely sure about stations.

Stations don't need a PC on board. At least, they haven't in the past.

Does Alice have a sister?

If ah remember right, she did have a sister